Feeling Blue? Visit Chefchaouen in Morocco

Silently tucked within the crevices of Morocco is an enchanting little town. Just like any other town, this one has feral cats, flower pots at doorsteps and children frolicking in the streets. Except everyone who lives here is colorblind. Well, not exactly. Although, they all see just one color – Blue. Chefchaouen is as difficult to believe as it is to pronounce (it’s pronounced “Shafshawan”).

Chefchaouen is situated in the Rif Mountains of Morocco. The city was inaugurated back in 1471, and it began its life as a modestly sized fortress that gradually flourished into a city.

Most travelers note spending the night under a roof of twinkling stars, as they meander through the town. Winter brings blankets of snow along with it, so be sure to pack a blanket too! As for eating, the town bakes enough aromatic bread to leave your weight scale in pieces. And if you’re looking to return home with souvenirs, Chefchouen’s bazaars offer everything from antique furniture to handblown glass, enough treasures to turn your house into a personalized museum.

Have you visited Chefchouen? Or other places in Morocco? What was your favorite? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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