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This Jordanian Opera Singer’s Voice Will Blow Your Mind Away

Zeina Barhoum is an Arab opera singer. Born in Jordan in 1984, her operatic path began in school in 1997, when her music teacher took note of her strong vocal talent. Zeina has since gone on to train and perform with some of the world’s most renowned opera singers, including Emmy award-winning Italian soprano Renata Scotto, Alberta Valentini and Walter Alberti, as well as Jordanian jazz musician Omar Faqir.

Now the opera singer is releasing her first album, ALCANTARA this week, which will include classical songs that have originated from the Mediterranean region. Zeina attempts to combine classical songs in Greek, Italian, Spanish and French with Arabic lyrics and music. You can check out her version of “Lascia ch’io pianga” below:

What do you think of her talent? Do you know of any other accomplished Arab sopranos? Share  your thoughts with us in the comments! You can follow Zeina Barhoum on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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