This Musician’s Cover of the Game of Thrones Theme Will Change The Way You Think of Oud

You like Game of Thrones? And love the sound of Oud? Then you are in for a treat! Ahmed Alshaiba, a Yemeni, self-taught Oud player located in New York managed to scramble both the heartwarming Oud and the theme music for one of the most popular TV shows ever in the most elegant and unexpected way. The result was nothing short of brilliant!

Ahmed can also play the guitar, the keyboard, and the tambour. Combining the sounds of the instruments he knows in addition to Oud, of course, Alshaiba creates covers with an Arabic touch that will make you reconsider the greatness of the original pieces that he adds his touch to.

If you like Alshaiba’s skills, don’t forget to check out his Youtube channel and follow him on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts!

What do you think of the way Ahmed employs his Oud talents? Which song you would like to see him cover next? Let us know in the comments section below!

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