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11 Things We Found on the Internet This Week

While being on the internet, you encounter everything ranging from funny, weird things to the strange and perplexing. And during our weekly voyages into the vast interweb, we stumble upon some really interesting things that get discarded from our Bits list.

So we decided to start a new series where we share random things we find on the internet every week!

For this weel, we found 11 cool, somewhat quirky things to share with you. If you liked them, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. And if you find something that you want us to share in next week’s bit, shoot it at us on Twitter or in the comments below.

1) Blend, a Lebanese rock band that you should listen to!

2) This is not a picture from Mars; this is a picture of irrigated crop circles in Saudi Arabia! It also reminded us of a bunch of cd roms.


3) Nothing major, just a Hookah in the form of Burj Al Arab


4) This helpful Google Chrome plug-in will make the Arabic font just a bit more readable!


5) Want to learn Arabic? Good luck!


6) Never been to Amman, Jordan before? We got you covered with this incredible time lapse video.

7) Back in the 80s…

thingsThis is an 80s image of a famous Arabic singer, Assi Helani, with classic retro graphics and amazing pixelation…

8) Can you name them all?


9) Charlie Dressen and Jackie Robinson chatting with Iraq’s 17-year-old King Faisal II (1962)


10) This is Amal Hawijeh, the Syrian actress who voiced Captain Majid


11) Pumpkin hummus anyone? We’ll admit, we’re curious.


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