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7 World Records the Middle East Broke in 2014

As inspiring as 12,350 kites flown by Palestinian children over Gaza and as amusing as the largest amount of people taking a ‘selfie’ chain, here are seven World Records the Middle East Broke in 2014.

1. Deepest scuba dive

Diving to a depth of 332.35 m (1,090 ft 4.5 in) in the Red Sea of Dahab, Egypt, Ahmed Gabr broke the world record on September 18, after having spent almost 14 hours below the surface.

2. Largest mural from recycled material

Crafted out of recycled material, the colorful mural measures 720 m² (7,749.98 ft²). Created by Moaffak Makhoul in Al Mazzeh, Damascus, Syria, on January 27, the artwork is made of scrap from cars, bicycles wheels, cooking utensils, pipes and soft drink cans, mirrors and ceramics.

3. Most kites flown simultaneously

As 12,350 kites flew across the sky in the Gaza strip, these Palestinian children broke the record in an event organised by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency at Al-Waha beach, Gaza Strip, on July 28, 2011. “When we fly kites, we know that freedom exists,” says Widad, one of the child heroes of “Flying Paper,” the documentary produced by the children themselves.

[vimeo 60925036 w=500 h=281]


4. Largest collection of clothes for recycle/donation

The largest collection of clothes for donation consists of 146,411 items, and was achieved by Comfort and OMO (Unilever Gulf FZE) (UAE) in Dubai, UAE, on September 8, 2014.

5. Longest graffiti scroll

Named Rehlatna (“Our Journey”), the artwork will stretch 2,245 meters in the shape of the UAE map, was created by The Office of H. H. The Crown Prince of Dubai (UAE), on November 30. Portraying the seven Emirates with illustrations from nearly 70 international artists, the graffiti depicts various milestones in the country’s history.

6. Longest marathon TV talk show

The Syrian Talaqi TV channel broke the World Record for longest marathon television talk show on November 21, when after completing a 70-hour marathon TV program that had been dubbed “From Syria with Love.” The satellite channel began the challenge at 9 pm on Tuesday and concluded at  7 pm on Friday 21.

7. Longest selfy relay chain

The longest self photographs (selfies) relay chain was achieved ths year in Dubai, when 289 people stood together at an an event organised by Dubai Motor Festival, on November 28. The event was part of UAE 43rd national day celebrations

Next year, these three young candidates aim to break their own Guinness World record:

8. Gaza’s Little Picasso aims to produce the highest number of portraits drawn over one week.

9. The World’s youngest Oud maker, a 13-year-old Egyptian who follows the family tradition.

10. This young entrepreneur aims to produce the world’s largest koshary plate next January 17, in an witty move to market his startup.

For more information: Visit the Guinness World Records webste.

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