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Beirut, I Love You: A Modern Web Series About Lebanese Youth

A web series produced by Orange Dog Productions and uploaded entirely to YouTube for free, Beirut I Love You follows the lives of several 20-somethings living in modern day Beirut. Starring the two creative Lebanese Mounia Akl and Cyril Aris (who wrote and directed the show), the series originally aired on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC).

When we first found the series (randomly on YouTube), we became pretty enamored. The depth of the characters, the subtle humor, the relatable plots and struggles of being a twenty-something who is trying to figure things out are all fragments of what makes the series so enjoyable. The very first episode introduces the main characters, Tarek (Cyril Aris) and Yasmine (Mounia Akl), along with the supporting characters who form their circle of friends, roommates and family. All of the introductions happen along to the distinctly Beiruti sound of Mashrou’ Leila. Each episode includes English subtitles, so it’s also a great way for anyone who is looking to improve their understanding or accent in colloquial Lebanese Arabic.

The series completed two seasons before it was put on hold while the main actors finish their masters degrees at Columbia University. We are patiently waiting for new seasons!

To watch (and get addicted to) the whole series, visit Orange Dog Productions YouTube channel

For more information: Follow the show on Facebook, or visit their official website.

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