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Meet the Chairman of the Society of Special Mustaches in Egypt

 A couple days ago, we published a photo series of interesting facial hair around Amman, Jordan. Now, we have scoured the net to bring you a new intriguing type of facial hair club… in Egypt: The Special Mustache Society. Captured by Metropolis Web, an international collective of young filmmakers and producers, the video showcases a unique group of gentlemen in Egypt who all share one interesting feature: Their large, whimsical almost cartoon-like mustaches.

The Society of Special Mustaches was founded in 1987 with about 15 – 17 members. The Society now boasts 151 members from all around the country, who share a passion for quirky facial hair. To join the society, your mustache must be at least 20 centimeters long, and you should be a friendly, polite, social man who is able to actively participate in the Society’s discussions. As a couple of the members stroll through a crowded Egyptian street, they are greeted with curious onlookers and Egyptians who want to capture a photo of something that is rather unusual. The chairman of the Society, Fathy Ahmad Mahmoud, says “taking care of your mustache is like taking care of your grandson,” a quote that quite clearly reflects the importance of the trademark on the Society’s members.

Metropolis TV specializes in telling the behind-the-scenes stories you don’t often hear in mainstream media, from kids who make “metal music” in Yemen, to a man who gives free academic classes to kids in a Pakistani park.

For more information: Visit Metropolis’s official website, and watch some of their quirky, insightful documentaries.

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