Marrakesh, Rated As the World’s Best Holiday Destination by Tripadvisor

With its mystic atmosphere and wonderfully woven souks, Marrakesh was crowned as the world’s best holiday destination by Tripadvisor’s yearly Travelers’ Choice Awards, based on millions of users who rate destinations on the site.

The Moroccan bustling city came out on top of the ranking for the first time, topping internationally popular cities such as New York, Paris, or Rome, last year’s runner up. Runners-up include Siem Reap in Cambodia and Istanbul in Turkey, which finished second and third, respectively. Tripadvisor, the globe’s largest travel review site, awards best hotels, destinations and beaches on a worldwide scale, in Europe and in the UK.

A combination of low average booking rates and fantastic traveler reviews on TripAdvisor has helped Asian, African and Eastern European destinations steal a march on old favorites like New York and Rome,” Tripadvisor’s spokeperson James Kay told the UK’s Daily Mail.

For more information: Read our BarakaBits on the Road series on Marrakesh here.

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