In Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, lies an enchanting 300 year old villa. Upon recent renovations it now stands as a proud hotel, called Dar Ben Gacem. With seven rooms and a staff of six, this hotel has been voted the TripAdvisors Travellers Choice 2015. The secret: they are an enterprise that preserves culture and provides what is essentially the best feeling any hotel can offer — the most down-to-earth, authentic Tunisian experience imaginable.

With guests coming in from Saudi Arabia, Norway, Iran, Denmark, England and France, this place is fully booked for the coming month. Striving to highlight Tunisian craftsmen, everything from the tile, gypsum ceilings, furniture and decoration is either vintage or handcrafted by Tunisian artists from all over the country and abroad, representing the different ethnic groups and culture. With even the meals made by local chefs (mothers) that have mastered the Tunisian cuisine, this hotel creates a genuinely unique, authentic experience. The hotel also provides services like transport, tours, space for corporate events and idyllic honeymoon escapes.

In an interview with Wamda, Leila Ben Gacem, the owner of the hotel, talks bout her future plans to restore other spaces in Medina, “Now it’s been two years and we have a bit of savings so, Inshallah, if everything remains well then slowly we can begin to restore another house and then another one…It’s terrifying and super exciting at the same time”.

For more information: Visit their official website and learn more about visiting the beautiful villa!

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