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The Most Popular Burger Joints in the Middle East

Burgers have become a trendy and popular food across the world, and the Middle East is no different! Do you know about these cool burger joints?

Salt (Dubai, UAE)

Everybody loves food trucks, and Salt is one of the most sought after trucks in Dubai. After launching a social media campaign called #FindSalt, this food phenomenon went viral, and rumor has it that its customers spend as much time tweeting and Snapchatting about the truck as they do analyzing the simple but delicious menu.


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Burgeri/Burgerry (Doha, Qatar)

If you like classy and inventive fast food, then this is the place for you. From fancy zucchini fries and date shakes to first-class burgers and fries, Burgeri offers its customers a classic fast food menu (said to be inspired by Shake Shack) with a nice Doha touch.


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Pepo’s Diner (Saida, Lebanon)

Ever wondered why people from Beirut travel down to Saida on the weekends? To try the food at Pepo’s Diner of course! And let’s be real, they don’t come for the salads. Tip: bring a pair of gloves, you might need them!


Check out more of their extreme (but dangerously tasty) burgers on Instagram!


Fatty Dab’s Burger Shack (Amman, Jordan)

If you’re looking for yummy burgers and freshly cut potato fries, then Fatty Dabs is the right place for you! Rated as one of the top 5 burgers in the city by BeAmman in 2012, this burger shack remains a favorite for its themed menus. Who wouldn’t want to visit on Mexican Tuesday or Crazy Cow Sunday?

What's the best way to spend JD3 on a Sunday?

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Mazin’s Burgers (Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

“For the best BBQ experience, make Mazin’s Burgers your number one choice.” So claims the TripAdvisor description of this burger and steak restaurant. And they seem to be right, because this is one of the most popular burger restaurant in the eastern part of the country. A frequently mentioned favorite is the Juicy Lucy, cooked with cheese inside (yes, inside!) the burger patty.

اللهم إني صائم! ————————————— * نحن نبيع لحمة البرجر و الستيك متبله نيئة لتستمتعوا بشويها بأنفسكم. ————————————— * We only sell raw marinated steaks & burger patties ready for you to grill! ————————————— مازن برجر. اختياركم الاول للحوم الشواء. للبارييكيو وللوجبات المميزة، نقدم لكم البرجر المصنوع من اجود انواع اللحوم والمحضر لكم بالطلب لتحصلوا على افضل تجربة شواء مع العائله والاصدقاء. انسوا تجاربكم السابقة مع البرجر وتمتعوا بالطعم الحقيقي مع مازن. نحضر لكم طلبكم نيئا متبلا جاهزا للشوي. نتمنى لكم تجربة شواء مميزة مع مازن برجر. للطلب الرجاء الاتصال او ارسال رساله قبل بيوم على الاقل. الخبر، الراكه الجنوبية برجر مازن 0501444135 Mazin's Burgers. Home made Burgers marinated and ready for your next BBQ or special meal. We offer you the best cuts of raw marinated meat made to order ready for your grill. Forget about any other burgers. For the best BBQ experience, make Mazin's Burgers your number one choice. Place your order by text or call us at least a day in advance +966501444135 Al-Khobar, South Rakah #burgers #homemade #fresh #foodporn #angus #alkhobar #khobar #dammam #Wagyu #grassfed #saudi #manama #burger #bahrain #beef #saudiarabia #steaks #yummy #gcc #yum #mazins_burgers #الخبر#الراكه #الدمام #ستيك #برجر #لحم #بقر #السعوديه #برجر_مازن

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What is your favorite burger joint? Share it with us!


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