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6 Facts That Make Us Love ALHOUSH Even More

Alhoush: The House of Arab Art & Design, is a premier virtual and physical expo of Arab art and design. Just like alhoush (the courtyard), the initiative gathers artists, designers and enthusiasts in a digital marketplace. Founded by Ehab Shanti and Rashid Abdelhamid, Alhoush is a traveling exhibit and forum and an e-commerce web portal where artwork is exhibited, purchased and delivered.

We have always loved the much-needed initiative that sheds a different light on the Arab world, empowering Arab youth and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. Here are six facts that Ehab Shanti, the co-founder, presents, and they make us love Alhoush even more:

  1. Ranging from art to jewelry and furniture, Alhoush has more than 5,000 items of Arab art and design on display from 12 different countries.
  1. As the largest initiative to empower Arab artists and designers, Alhoush has over 44,000 of indexed content on Arab art and design- at least 40 times more than competitors in the Arab market.
  1. Alhoush sold the most iconic painting in the Arab world, Jamal Al Mahamel III (The Camel/Carrier Of Hardships III) in collaboration with Christie’s for a world record for the artist. This was not only an achievement for the artist, Suleiman Mansour and Alhoush, but also for Palestinian art as a whole. Because osf this iconic painting, Christie’s, the world’s largest auction house, included a section called Art of Palestine for the first time in its history. The sale has greatly benefited Alhoush’s agenda of advocating increasing the value (price) of Arab art in the market place.
  1. It has won several awards including the Synergos fellowship, a global non-profit organization, and is the only art initiative to get the Arab World Social Media Influencers Award from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  1. Organized five very successful events to showcase Arab art, the derivative of which have been immeasurable, with many projects emerging directly as a result of Alhoush’s effort. The events included Colours of the Future Jordan, Colours of the Future Emirates and This is also Gaza.
    The events of Colours of the Future empower emerging artists to help “a small economy that supports that person.This is also Gaza was a celebration of visual arts in Gaza that focuses on the people of Gaza as humans, rather than residents of a conflict zane.
  1. Perhaps the most important achievement of all, is fulfilling Alhoush‘s goal of empowering hundreds of struggling artists and designers from conflict zones by selling their work to collectors around the world. More than anything else, the following message sums up what Alhoush is all about and why it is so important for the founders personally:

مسا الخير أخي إيهاب .. كيفك أرجو أن تكون بصحة جيدة وفي أحسن حال. حبيت أطلعك على بعض الاصلاحات التي قمت بها في منزلي وذلك بفضل الله ثم فضلك في بيع احدى لوحاتي والتي بثمنها قمت بترميم المطبخ الخاص بشقتي.

“Good evening brother Ehab. How are you? I hope you are in the best health and condition. I wanted to show you some of the rehabilitation I had done to my house, which are thanks to God’s and your grace in selling one of my paintings, the proceeds of which went to fixing my kitchen in the apartment (which was destroyed in the latest war in Gaza]”

Alhoush aims at empowering art in the Arab world and highlighting its accomplishments by creating a common space for artists and innovators. Get introduced to the initiative through Muftah’s interview with Ehab Shanti.
Stay updated with the events and achievements of Alhoush through their Facebook page or check their Website

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