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Iranian Artist Transforms Tanks with Art in Afghanistan

In a country that’s been stricken with war for decades, any blast of vibrant color is welcome. After receiving her degree in Painting from Art University of Tehran in 2011, Iranian artist, Neda Taiyebi, focused on creating new methods of art that emphasize color, movement and energy.  She has participated in several group exhibitions, including the Shirin Gallery in Tehran and at the Fajr Festival at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

Photo: indiatimes
Photo: indiatimes

In 2015, Neda took her creativity to the outskirts of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The land seemed too desolate and monotone for what Neda had in mind. Looking around her, she realized that the evidence of the war cannot be deleted from the landscape. So she decided to transform destructive tanks that had been used to end life, into a canvas for her artistic creations.

Photo: indiatimes
Photo: indiatimes

Using her preferred lively colors, Neda livened up the otherwise bland area. She designed some tanks with Persian drawings, and on others, she painted flowers or fruits. All the while, she was escorted by armed forces. She even took permission from the army to undertake this project.

Photo: indiatimes
Photo: indiatimes

Ironically, these tanks are now something positive. Instead of something that invoked fear in the people, they now make the people of the small village of Khair Khana smile with happiness.

For a deeper look into her art, check out her official webpage and follow her on instagram.

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