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Cactus The New Canvas For Palestinian Artist

Art is taking newer and stranger forms with each passing day. In Palestine, a traditional canvas is no longer an object of inspiration. Palestinian artist Ahmed Mohamed Yassin who is a 21-year old student at Al-Najah University-Palestine has found the perfect canvas sprouting in his own backyard! Surprisingly, the ‘Sabr’ or Cactus!

Palestinian-artist-1The Sabr, which is Arabic for cactus, has become a symbol of resilience and patience. The word ‘Sabr’ is a derivation of the word patience in Arabic. Ahmed felt that the best way to capture the true Palestinian spirit is by painting on the canvas that plays the part.

Palestinian-artist-2Ahmed uses acrylic on these prickly pears because their tough skin, much like the Palestinians (figuratively speaking), absorbs the paint really well. His images always portray the Palestinians resistance, but he aims to do it in a positive light, by not depicting images of the ongoing conflict in his art.

Palestinian-artist-3This talented young artist hopes to expand his work onto olive trees, which are more than just a tree in Palestine, they are symbolic of Palestinian’s attachment to their lands.

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Israa Elkhatib

I was born in Palestine but raised with the fireflies in Georgia. My teenage years were spent being the Muslim nerd who was known as the bookworm of the school. That followed me back to Palestine, to develop into being the girl with the big vocabulary. I spent most of my high-school days cursing Newton for not eating that apple. My English Literature Bachelor's degree was only obtained because I'm a nerd for literature and my minor in Translation pretty much pays the bills, thank you Birzeit University.Creative writing is my passion and reading is my escape from reality into a world where everything is the way you imagine it to be.

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