Al Zubarah: Qatar’s First World Heritage Site

Back in the day, Qatar’s coast was the pearling and trading center of the Gulf. One of the prosperous trading towns around the coast during that time, particularly the late 18th and early 19th centuries, was the town of Al-Zubarah. This town was founded by Kuwait merchants and was then later abandoned in the early 1900s. Since 2009, excavations have been underway to uncover the secrets buried under the sand. And in 2013,  Al-Zubarah was revealed once again and labelled as Qatar’s first world heritage site by UNESCO.

Considered as a jewel added to the crown of Qatar, only a small part of this underground town was dug up and what was discovered certainly provides an amazingly preserved account of the daily lives of the traders!

Al Zubarah
Since UNESCO added Al-Zubarah to the list, this makes it the northern tip of the tiny Arab emirate’s very first.

Al Zubarah
The well-protected ruins of the 18th-century pearl fishing town have become an attraction for many local visitors. Being a part of their heritage, this historic town takes the visitors on a detailed trip down memory lane.

Al Zubarah
Al-Zubarah provides Qatar with the historical data that emphasizes that they were a booming town well before the discovery of oil and the building of skyscrapers.

Al Zubarah

If this is just a tiny corner of the town, imagine what else is left laying underneath!

Al Zubarah

This site is always open and there is no admission fee. Tap the location into your GPS and get moving down the site. You can also pack your bags for a swim in the sea! You can even visit Al-Zubarah fort, which is now a local museum offering an overview of the long history of the Al-Zubarah town.

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