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Gaza’s Young Arab Picasso Going International With Free Bird Tour

There are many artists in the world. Art comes in different styles and painting and drawing is one of the most common. But what’s rare is the talent to be found in such a practice. Art calls for inspiration and this inspiration can come from the tiniest corner of the inner soul. Mohammed Qraiqea, a 15 yr old boy from Gaza has been painting since the age of 5. Today, in response to his artwork displayed in his recent ‘Free Bird’ tour, many people are calling him the Young Arab Picasso!

Young Arab Picasso
After witnessing 3 destructive wars on his hometown in Gaza, Mohammed expressed what he saw, and felt, on canvas. His art became a source of happiness for the children, and this pushed him to expand more.

Young Arab Picasso
When Mohammed finally got to leave Gaza to showcase his artwork in Tunisia in 2015, he launched the ‘Free Bird’ tour and began an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help him in his mission to spread awareness about the situation in Gaza in as many countries as possible. By completing his mission he could break the Guinness World Record as the artist to perform the largest tour across the world! He hopes to raise $60,000 to cover travel expenses and rebuild his studio, destroyed by bombings in 2014.

Young Arab Picasso
Each of Mohammed’s paintings tells a story, each one holds a special place in the story of Free Bird. Mohammed himself represents a free bird because he acquired the chance to travel the world, with the help of the Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Young Arab Picasso
His art tackles subjects like poverty, women and child oppression, as well as the ruins from the war on Gaza. Through this tour he hopes to sell his art, all the while spreading the message that goes along with each painting. More of his work can be seen on his Facebook page that has so far gained over 180,000 likes and counting!

You can still support Mohammed by donating and don’t forget to share and leave a smile 🙂

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