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Enjoy Reminiscing to these Eid Songs we grew up with

Eid Mubarak! No matter what stage of life you’re at right now, Eid celebrations filled with sweets (ma3moul), family gatherings, 3ideeya (cash gifts), lights and balloons, have always brought you joy. And in the background of these celebrations, we hear the festive Eid songs we grew up listening to over the years. We have gathered some Eid songs you can enjoy reminiscing to during your Eid El-Fitr break!

The Classics:

Two iconic songs by Umm Kulthum have always been connected to the official declaration of Eid. First is Ya Leilet El Eid (1940), which celebrates sighting the crescent and spreads hope of a new beginning with the new moon.

Her other iconic piece is Habibi Yes`ed Awqatu (1943), and what’s more romantic than comparing a lover to the crescent the whole community waits for in celebration of Eid (festival)?

زي القمر بس جماله كل يوم يزداد
وكل ما يهلّ هلاله تنعاد الأعياد

“Like the moon except his beauty everyday grows
and whenever his crescent is spotted celebrations are reborn”

The Folkloric

Next are the Eid songs that are linked to specific countries or regions, such as Al-Eid Hal Hlalah  in Kuwait, Al-3aydo in Qatar, and Farha Farha in Saudi Arabia.



Childhood songs

These are the songs most Arab kids can relate to, regardless of nationalities and where they grew up.

First is Safa Abu Saoud’s Ahlan Beil Eid:


and Spacetoon’s Al Eid Atana Bil Farha:



What other songs do you prime with Eid celebrations? Speak to us in the comments!

Eid Mubarak 🙂

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