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July Is Giving a New Mood to R&B Music

Do you need something to get you in the Mood for summer? July will save you.

 Mohammed Danny Edriss (July) is a 22-year-old independent and new British R&B singer, born and raised in London, U.K. He is of Palestinian, Lebanese and West African (Sierra Leone) descent. July finds that his unique knowledge of culture enables him to relate to a diversity of ethnic groups. His passion for music enhances his ability to express and connect with individuals. He has a unique sound, merging smooth and soulful vocal licks with beats guaranteed to move an audience. July’s music is a combination of ageless R&B vocals with a modern style running throughout, expressing the true evolution of rhythm and blues. 

In the past years, July has been creating and experimenting with different musical genres. His
influences are varied, ranging from the likes of Lionel Richie, P.Diddy, and R.Kelly, to artists
such as Phil Collins and even Tyrese Gibson. His inspiration for music grew throughout his teenage years as he began writing and recording original tracks.

What makes him more successful is his academic achievements. He is currently
undertaking his final year for an International Business (BSc) degree at King’s College London,
gaining a fresh insight into the complexities of the music industry from a multi-disciplinary

In 2015, he began working closely with a local music producer by the name of ‘MLB’: they
both shared the same vision to create a new, unique sound. During that period, July had
discovered himself as an artist and, is set to share this with the world. He has recently released
his first single, Mood.

Want to stay updated and Listen to July’s new music? Follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his Youtube Channel. 

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