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Hello, Shady Needs His Money Back! (Shady Srour Parody)

Whenever our friends are in need of money, we don’t think twice before helping them. But normally we expect them to pay us back after a while. Or, at least, to not be avoided by our “friends” nor to be treated like a “masla7a”(source of interest)Shady Srour’s  Parody covers Adele’s song “Hello” to deliver this message to his audience in a hilarious way.

He engages us in his parody by introducing the song with the scene where he lends his friend the money. Then he switches the lyrics into Arabic, uses a tabla, makes funny faces and even dances to the beat!

Shady Srour is a 21-year-old man from Cairo, Egypt. He has been obsessed with film-making, Hollywood and acting since the age of 16. Shady became familiar with the visual effects needed for film-making to achieve his dream. His efforts in film-making were finally recognized after he released his first Vine called : “Lma Abok Yet7awl” (When Your Dad Transforms), which became his first success.

‘When Your Dad Transforms’ is a short vine of a father asking his son if he needs money before going out. This is rare for Arab dads to do. Thus, the son starts questioning what has happened to his dad by playing Amr Diab’s song ” Yhmk Fe Ehh”  .(What does it concern you) to emphasize his point. In other words, he is shocked his father offered him money.

This parody isn’t only very entertaining and creative but also reveals Shady’s talent and determination to make his dream come true. Shady’s aim is to make millions laugh and enjoy their time. This is his way of leaving his footprint in the world. As Shady quoted on his YouTube channel:

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, it’s to create something that will.”

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