Three of the UAE’s Exciting Theme Parks

The UAE has built an impressive collection of theme parks and attractions that have travelers flocking from across the globe to ride some of the biggest and fastest thrill rides. For travelers looking for the ideal destination to get their adrenaline pumping and their heart rate up, here are three of the UAE’s exciting theme parks and what attractions and rides they offer their visitors:  

Motiongate™ DUBAI, Dubai

UAE's exciting theme parks
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Opening next month, Motiongate™ DUBAI is going to be one of the most exciting theme parks in Dubai. With a number of thrill rides based on an array of different movies, the theme park is home to a number of attractions that include roller-coasters, river expeditions, interactive rides, and more. Experience the ultimate free-fall experience on Zombie Blast Off – a thrilling 58 meter drop tower, enjoy the Smurfs Studios Tour – where you can see the whimsical movie studio and more, or hop aboard Madagascar Mad Pursuit! One of the fastest, craziest roller-coasters you will ever see that takes you on an adventure through the circus.

Ferrari World, Abu-Dhabi

UAE's exciting theme parks
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Captivating children and adults alike, Ferrari World – located in Abu-Dhabi – has a number of rides and experiences designed for families looking for a fun day out. Whether you are looking to experience the intense G-force of world-class roller-coasters, fancy taking your family on in a go-kart race, or want to watch your child have their very first driving lesson with the help of trained experts, there is something to suit everyone. For riders who want to brave the highest roller-coaster loop on the planet, they have the chance to ride the Flying Aces. A roller-coaster like no other, riders board the military bi-plane and scale 63 meters at a 51 degree incline, flying through the world’s highest roller-coaster loop with speeds of up to a whopping 120 kilometers an hour.

SEGA Republic, Dubai

UAE's exciting theme parks
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Located at The Dubai Mall, SEGA Republic is a high-adrenaline indoor theme park that is suitable for the entire family. With 15 thrilling attractions and more than 170 games that include cutting-edge motion simulators and virtual experiences, the conveniently situated theme park offers visitors an unforgettable experience that will have them coming back for more. Some of the theme park’s popular attractions include the Xyclone, a fast and furious mechanic tornado, the Spin-gear, a roller-coaster that will have you feeling as if you are spinning out of control, and the Robotank, a ride that flips you 360 degrees with rapid rotations that will be sending your pulse through the roof!
These are just three of the theme parks you will find in the UAE, with so many more to discover.

So, do you have what it takes to visit the three theme parks mentioned above during your next holiday to the United Arab Emirates?

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