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Yes! The City Picnic Went Down in History as Lebanon’s Largest Picnic Ever

On August 21, Beirut’s Hippodrome hosted Lebanon’s largest picnic ever. The City Picnic took place in order to gather as many humans and pets as possible, and if you attended, then you helped make history! Over 6,000 people gathered in the green open space and participated in so many activities.

Photo Credit: MindWhisk Events

Hosted by MindWhisk and Virgin Radio Lebanon, the picnic succeeded in achieving their set goal, which was to break the record for the largest picnic in Lebanon.

As promised, there were many activities like flying kites, playing Baby Foot, and even practicing Yoga!

Photo Credit: MindWhisk Events

Local bands and DJs, the JLP show, Nour Nimri, Soundz Good, Mougleta, DJ Mass, DJ Martin Avari, DJ Rolly, YAM, and B.O.X. together helped create a fun musical atmosphere for all the attendees.

Photo Credit: MindWhisk Events

Since the picnic was a success, they have decided to host two others in 2017. Roula Mezher, Managing Director of MindWhisk, reacted to the event’s success saying, “When I sense this exhilaration surfacing above all negativity, I feel that City Picnic succeeded in adding flavor to the daily routine of Lebanese citizens. City Picnic broke the record by proving that Lebanon is a dream land where we can be happy amongst all turmoil”.

City Picnic is in Partnership with Virgin Radio Lebanon.

Brought to you by: Dolly’s, XXL Vodka Mix – LB, Mike Sport, Trident ,LBCI Lebanon and Grand Cinemas Lebanon

Produced by Mindwhisk Events.

Photo Credit: MindWhisk Events

For more photos from the picnic check out Mindwisk’s FB album.

Stay tuned for 2017’s Picnic and don’t forget to leave a smile 🙂 !

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