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A New Wave of Arabic T-Shirts are Making Their Own Fashion Statement!

T-shirts are not the same anymore with the new wave of Arabic t-shirts. Many designers are currently taking the most famous sayings and characters in Arabic and turning them into artistic t-shirts. They are using Arab culture to make a bold, new fashion statement. Arab t-shirts, nowadays, are trendy and fashionable, even in the West!

Here are some of these amazing fashionable  Arabic t-shirts:

1- Love, Peace, and Freedom -الحب والسلام و الحرية:  It’s all we need to make it through, isn’t it? This shirt is very fashionable and a lot of people in the west wear such shirts, especially with Arabic Font Style.

Love, Peace, and Freedom -الحب والسلام و الحرية

2- Patience is the key to relief – الصبر مفتاح الفرج: It’s an Arabic proverb which means handling difficulties. It promotes confidence in yourself and a good feeling of hope. It takes context through some difficult circumstances.

3- Follow Your Heart But Take your Mind With You – اتبع قلبك ولكن خذ عقلك معك: It’s good to follow your heart, but your mind will keep you safe.

Follow Your Heart But Take your Mind with you – اتبع قلبك ولكن خذ عقلك معك

5- When is it the Prayer? متى يأذن؟: You say Ramadan, I say when is it the prayer? Everyone during Ramadan, the Holy month, is waiting for the Maghrib prayer so we could break our fast and eat!

When is it the Prayer? متى يأذن؟:

6- We Have On This Earth What Makes Life Worth Living – على هذه الارض ما يستحق الحياة: One of the greatest and best-known lines said by Mahmoud Darwish, a Palestinian poet. What makes this shirt special is the amazing Arabic font.

We Have On This Earth What Makes Life Worth Living – على هذه الارض ما يستحق الحياة:

7- Freedom – الحرية: Freedom is absolute happiness. Freedom Bloozeh is available on Mostawda. 

Freedom – الحرية


8- Palestine – فلسطين: Another amazing t-shirt by Bloozeh is the Palestine one. It’s a way to stay attached to your homeland. It’s written in a special way using the Arabic font.


9- SF Alquds T.shirt: This t-shirt is so special. A poem was written by Nizar Qabani named “Al-Quds.” This Shirt is made in Jerusalem. You can find this shirt on Mostawda, too!

Tomorrow .. the lemon will bloom
And the green sprouts and olives shall gladden
And the eyes will laugh

And the migrant doves shall return

To the virtuous ceilings

Arabic t-shirts are a trend nowadays and absolutely fashionable. Do you have a favorite Arabic t-shirt?

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