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Out of One Girl’s Geometrical Love, Patterns is Born

You won’t find many people who love geometry, but this Syrian girl’s adoration of the Patterns stemmed from her strolls through the beautiful streets of Damascus. At the age of 21, one year ago, Aya Alnamly started her crafty project in which she creates beautiful pieces of art. Check out how BarakaBits got all the deets:
1. What inspired you to start your project? What is the story behind it?
What really inspired me at first is the love of geometry really, sacred geometry to be specific. I also love the idea of handmade stuff! I used to follow all these beautiful wood crafts and accessories sites and pages. Of course, these products are not available here in Syria, and even ordering them online was not an available option really. So I said to myself, why not make them?! That’s how I started making myself necklaces inspired by some platonic shape and so. Afterwards, everyone told me that it’s about time to share this work with people and encouraged me to start a page to present these ideas. And that’s how Patterns really started!
2. What does the name of your project mean?
Patterns …
Let’s go over some dictionary’s meaning of the word.. to make things a bit more obvious:
“Patterns is..
-a particular way in which something is done, is organized, or happens.
-any regularly repeated arrangement, especially a design made from repeated lines, shapes, or colors on a surface”
I think the second meaning says it all! My very first piece “My Own Geometrical Necklace”, was a simple shape that’s been repeated in a certain way to make the full design. That’s what a pattern is, and that’s what I wanted the page to be about, making and designing things.
3. Where do you make your items?

Most of the work is done at home, the rest is in the streets of Damascus, when I’m getting the needed tools and pieces from here and there.
Aya’s family strongly encourage her to move forward in this project, as she was a bit hesitant in the beginning. She figured this craft could be a sort of hobby that she pays attention to in her spare time. However, her parents took it more seriously and made sure that she dedicated much of her time and energy to something they knew she had a passion for.
Even now when I’m resting a bit they’re like “You’re not working!!!” and the “resting and chilling time” is over!
4. How do you feel about your project?
I just LOVE it, literally. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get over it or let it go -despite of all the hard times when things seem to slip out of my hand from the pressure. It changed me, got me to know about new things. I even learned a lot, and I’m looking forward to all the new experiences I might get.
Patterns started off using wood for material. Recently, Aya and a friend have begun working with metal, tin to be specific, and are striving to continue bringing in more material to expand their works. However, given the current Syrian situation, as well as the general MENA issues with shipping, Aya acknowledges that obtaining some of the materials can be an extremely difficult task. On the other hand, those materials that are available tend to be a bit more on the pricey sides of things.
From bookmarks, jewelry, to keychains and even fidget spinners, Aya truly believes the best gift to yourself or to someone else, is one that is full of personality and effort, one made specifically for them! We all hope to support Aya in her journey of craft expansion, and we definitely can’t wait to see more of her works!
 The best part is that Patterns’ products are available for everyone worldwide!
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