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Reesha Wa Ward; A Paintbrush and a Flower

Many studies have confirmed that everything a human seeks and works for is motivated by the depths of their feelings and emotions. Abeer is a 20 year old girl from Palestine, and lives in Tulkarem. She has a diploma in design and is currently engaged in the creation of accessories made of flowers. She tells us about her experience and her deep sense of creativity.

Abeer began her project about a year and three months ago. She started thinking after finishing her studies about finding a project where creativity is the first source. So she had a lot of small projects, but she needed a spark to light a candle of inspiration to reveal her hidden dream.

Abeer’s handmade necklace.

She tells BarakaBits how it all began:

“One night , I was talking to my friend and she sent me some pictures of simple things that carry a lot of beauty and tenderness. It was made from natural roses. I was impressed by its beauty. Then, the way was clear for me to run towards my dream.”

Suddenly, through humor, she revealed to her friend, “I know what to do, I know what the project is!” This was the spark Abeer needed to kick off her project Reesha wa Ward ريشة و ورد, which means “A paintbrush and a flower”, in English.

Abeer describes her project as thus:

Here I will begin my first steps towards success. Flowers always provide life, a new life filled with beauty and purity. I shall gather these flowers in pendants, shaping them and reflecting their luster on everything. It will be a world full of all things beautiful.

She explained her love for her work because it’s a kind of art. It needs a lot of tenderness, sense, accuracy, follow-up and research for new things. She puts the flower between the two pieces of glass after drying them very carefully, because the beauty of the roses lies within the petals. 

Certainly, this work needs a lot of time and a lot of stages to come out this way. She loves to care about the details. Abeer finishes wrapping them with love and sends them to those who would like to acquire the most accurate details. She said:

“I feel that the ones I care about are not ordinary customers, but people with feelings and I help them In the embodiment of those feelings and sensations by providing them with the tenderness of roses.”

Abeer uses many kinds of roses, and there are still many species that she has not tried yet. Since her work depends entirely on roses, she needs to deal with many types of flowers. She has tried many species and discovered that some of them fail to meet the purpose. There are types that need intensive attention during the drying period to get them as required to work and to maintain the color beautifully. It needs a lot of experience as many of them do not dry the same way.

People can choose the type of roses they prefer for their loved ones. If she doesn’t have them, she tries to provide them as much as possible. She likes to draw the smile on the lips of those who buy her small items;

“it is not something ordinary to me; I put things in the beauty of the world, and does this great world differ from the beauty of roses?! I love my work very much because it is not something traditional but always renewed, and this is one of the reasons why I love it. It needs consistency, and a lot of passion and care, taking into account the details and type.”

There’s more of Abeer’s amazing handmade crafts on her Facebook page ريشة و ورد.

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