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Chouftouhonna: The 1st International Feminist Art Festival of Tunis is back

In Tunis, feminism and femininity are a pretty big deal. It’s as big as art! Perhaps this is why Tunis’ Chouf Association decided to mix both and create Chouftouhonna, the first ever International Feminist Art Festival of Tunis!

Given the success of Chouftouhonna’s first edition last year, as the festival highlighted the works of 74 artists from 15 different countries, The Chouf Association is back this year calling on all women from all around the world to participate in Chouftouhonna’s second edition.  This Association , which supports the personal and individual rights of women, is going to be covering the transportation costs of each piece of art.  The types of Art range from Fine Arts, Photography, Music, Cinema, and more!

Bochra Triki, the festival’s organizer, told HuffPost Tunisia that,“The purpose of the festival is to open a free artistic expression space for women”. The Association targets women because they realized that many women till this day face numerous social barriers and pressures when trying to express themselves. This festival in itself will provide the means for every woman to get the chance to exhibit her artistic work, whether she is a painter or a filmmaker.

The event will take place in May 2016, and the deadline for signing up for participation is March 15th, so hurry and book your spots girls! It’s great that women will be able to meet other women who have real artistic talent. This allows them to feel that, together, they can all get a shot at self-expression.

As Chouftouhonna says, ‘Long live Art and Feminism’!

To learn more about this year’s festival check out Chouftouhonna’s facebook page.

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