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Beautifying Nabaa Lebanon with Paint Up

Have you ever climbed a long stairway wishing there was something to distract you from your heavy breath? Or have you left a public park in a rush because its concrete walls and dull spirit suffocated you? Many of us have complained before about the dull, gray stairways, parks and public spaces we pass by daily. Luckily, this is no longer the case for Nabaa, Lebanon since Paint Up is out to beautify the place with its bright colors.

The Paint Up movement is majorly carried out by a group of artists named Dihzahyners. Dihzahyners is a community initiated by 12 friends currently studying at the same university, the American University of Beirut. Most of the friends are majoring in Graphic design. This group of artists believes in the impact of colors on people’s moods and lives. And to that end, the group is on a mission to create a brighter and a more vibrant Beirut.


Dihzahyners later began to take notice that many people were willing to paint. In response, the Dihzahyners started holding public events like ‘Beautifying Nabaa’. Nabaa is one of Beirut’s most crowded suburbs. Old decaying buildings cover the landscape and are in need of a splash of color here and there to freshen up the place. Paint Up recruited local street talents and local artists –Chady Abousleiman, Ghaleb Hawila and Dina- to carry out the workshops. During Nabaa’s last workshop held on March 13th,  Lebanese and Syrians between 15 and 25 years old were taught about street art, graffiti and calligraphy.


Using bright colors, Paint Up painted a smile on people’s faces and took their minds off their life struggles.


To check out Paint Up’s amazing work you can visit their Facebook Page or their Tumblr Page.

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