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Living Large–The Eco-friendly Way

‘A Palace for Nature’ proves that living in abundance in the Gulf can coincide with living sustainably.

This project, which “transforms the concept of luxurious life into the luxury of creating life’  was created by Sanzpont Arquitectura for an international competition to design a VIP palace in Qatar.  Keeping the country’s ‘historical typologies and architectural language’ in mind, designers modeled the house of luxury after the native sidra tree which traditionally acts as a meeting point and provides shade for dwellers from the desert sun. These motifs are interpreted in the interior as a central tree dome suspending ‘leaf-shaped seating spaces’ within an indoor oasis.

This ‘self-sustainable botanical oasis in the desert’ will be powered with photovoltaic solar panels supplying clean energy throughout the premises, a perforated roof allowing for natural illumination, LED technology for night lighting, elements for shading and ventilation, and a mist irrigation system that provides the microclimate needed for diverse botanical species to thrive. Among the many other features it incorporates is an underground aquifer where water is collected, sustainably desalinated and stored in surrounding lakes and fountains.

Who wouldn’t want to live in such a haven for the innovation of green design?

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