Jordan, Syria
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Crowded Bazaars, Colorful Festivities: Eid in Amman and Damascus

Throughout the Middle East, Eid is a time where each city forgets whatever is happening economically or politically and joins together in a celebration of one of the most festive times of the year. Our photographers, Sami Haven and Majd Khanji, took to the streets and captured some of the crowded marketplaces with families strolling, buying candy for their children and generally being in jovial spirits. Amman’s downtown was much busier than usual, packed with friends and families as they wandered from shop to shop, eating Kanafeh and enjoying the summer air. Even Damascus bazaars were crowded, and life seemingly returned to normal — even if only for a few days — as people ventured through the markets enjoying Syrian pistachio ice cream and sharing time with loved ones.


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