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5 Creative Things to Do in Amman

Often, people complain about Amman not being the most exciting city, or not having enough to do.  We completely disagree, so we compiled a few of our creative favorite things to do with friends, alone or just to try something new.

1) Royal Film Commission – The Royal Film Commission has become a staple of the Jabal Amman neighborhood, and regularly hosts documentary, feature, international and short films on a large screen in their outdoor and indoor amphitheaters. The RFC hopes to encourage a culture of film appreciation, and even hosts workshops for learning the art of film-making and encourages young filmmakers to get involved in the center. They also have a large library of films that can be rented out at anytime, and a posh cafe called Montage to sit in and discuss all things film.

2) Beit Sitti – Run by Maria Haddad and her sister, Beit Sitti is a unique experience that unites culture and cooking. Translating to “my grandmother’s house”, the idea was born from a desire to share the warm experience of their grandmother’s home and food with others. Sign up for a course with friends, co-workers or even family, and you’ll learn how to prepare a traditional Jordanian/Palestinian dish, dessert and mezze, along with tips and spices handmade from ingredients sourced around the country. Beit Sitti also host courses to teach young college students how to prepare healthy meals while living away from home, and an Italian cooking course. This is an Ammani experience not to be missed! To book, contact them via their Facebook page  or at 0777557744.

3) Art Gallery Wandering – Many of Amman’s art galleries are located conveniently in two sister neighborhoods; Jabal Al Weibdeh and Jabal Amman. Two of our favorites are Dar al Anda and Darat Al Funun. Darat Al Funun, which translates to house of art, is one of the oldest centers for creativity in the city, and offers spectacular views of the hills as they weave in and out of each other. Including a quaint area in which they showcase foreign and short films, a small cafe with a fountain, several different art galleries spread over the land, and even a space surrounded by ancient ruins where musicians perform during the summer, the Darat is a great way to spend an afternoon.

4) Dance classes at Studio8 –  Co-founded by AbdulHadi Nahleh, Studio8 is a hub of artists, dancers, designers, musicians, stylists and innovators. They regularly offer dance courses, ranging from African to HipHop to Dabkeh and Salsa, and fitness and healing sessions like Zumba, Theta healing and yoga. They also spontaneously host “big fat street jams”, which gather people from all around the city to a dancing, music, fire-show happening in the streets. For more information or to book, call 0646430431 or 0797727691. 

5) Turkish Bath –  Very few things in life are as relaxing and rejuvenating as visiting a traditional Turkish hammam. One of the best in Amman is the Al-Pasha, also located in the picturesque Jabal Amman neighborhood. With varying times for men and women, a visit to the hammam is a perfect way to begin or end your day, leaving your entire body completely refreshed. The experience even includes a 30 minute deep tissue oil massage. To make an appointment, call 0795504471.


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