#BarakabilityEnvironmentGreen Policy Going Green in the MENA Workplace, the most popular job platform in the Middle East, recently took an environmental survey of their site users throughout the MENA region. Surprisingly, the survey revealed that 96% of the MENA region believe that going green is important to their lifestyle. Of those who took the survey, was able to discover that paperless offices are quite popular in the region, with 50% of the respondents saying that they are encouraged to use online resources or email instead of printing out documents.

The “Green Workplaces in the Middle East and North Africa” poll revealed that there is a strong desire to adopt a greener lifestyle, both at the workplace and at home. A startlingly large sum (72.5% of the respondents), reported that going green is something they consider very important. A substantial portion stated that environmental issues, such as pollution, conservation of natural resources, and reduced usage of paper products are priorities for them. This poll demonstrated that irrespective of little knowledge of the technical concepts backing carbon footprints (only 27.7% stated that they were “very aware” of the concept), there remains a strong desire to improve their overall environmental impact.

Suhail Al-Masri, VP of Sales at Bayt, noted that, “There seems to be growing awareness on the importance of sustainability and green energy. More than 40% of respondents use public transportation to go to work. That’s a very positive number. Also, imagine if alternative fuel vehicles were adopted by the 39.3% of respondents who drive themselves to work. It could mean significant carbon savings.”

 Overall it’s clear that a positive change is on the rise in the region, and increased levels of awareness, information, action and knowledge are necessary to promoting a greener lifestyle both at work and at home.

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