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Arab Celebrities of Palestinian Descent

Many Arab celebrities, though born or raised in a different Arab country, are of Palestinian descent. Some you may be surprised by!

-The renowned singer Diana Karazon: Jordanian of Palestinian descent

-The oriental dancer Nagwa Fouad: Egyptian of Palestinian descent

-The promising young singer Khaled Selim: Egyptian of Palestinian descent

-The famous sports program presenter Mustafa Al-Agha: Syrian of Palestinian descent

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan: Born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents from Tulkarem

-The actress and singer Mais Hamdan and her sister Mai Selim: Jordanians of Palestinian descent

-The soprano Majida El-Roumi: The daughter of the Lebanese musician of Palestinian descent Halim El-Roumi

– The great Egyptian comedian actor Abdel-Salam Al-Nabulsi: Lebanese of Palestinian descent

The famed actor Ghassan Matar: Known for playing the funny villain character in Egyptian cinema, he is the first actor to give the advice to “do the right thing”.

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Ahmad Cheiti

Egyptian article and script writer

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