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The Artists of WOWBaladk: Lozana Taha

The first regional street art festival in the Middle East, WOWBaladk, finally concluded on October 11. More than 20 artists worked together in Amman, Jordan, creating works of art on the walls of the Ras Al Ein Gallery, under the theme of “Stories from Fear to Freedom.” We at Baraka Bits got the chance to speak with some of the artists, and, over the next few weeks, will be introducing some of them to you.

Today’s artist: Lozana Taha from Jordan

Why did you decide to participate in WOWBaladk?

I found a great chance to create graffiti art on about 12 meters-high wall and put my soul into it. It is a special way to communicate with people’s souls.

2 WOW Baladak04

What was the message you were trying to convey in your drawing?

The drawing is of a girl chewing gum. She’s a strong woman who has decided to leave all the problems that have happened in her life. The act of blowing a bubble is her saying “I don’t care!”

How has the experience in WOWBaladk been?

It was an amazing experience, and I honestly wish it didn’t have to end!

You can follow Lozana on her Facebook page or by subscribing to her YouTube channel.

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