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This Jordanian Group Only Wants to Spread Positivity

Social media has become one of the strongest forces of change today. But by spreading their ideas, opinions and suggestions, people can sometimes get into heated debates that lead to the loss of friendships. And that’s how the idea of @TweetHKJ, or Jordan Tweeps (#مغردو_الأردن), came along. Founder Fahed Jaarah, told us that he decided to create a Twitter group that could unite Jordanian social media activists under the banner of loving Jordan, and moved it away from political activities or biases.

When the account was launched in early 2014, the first initiative they started was called “Volunteer for Good” (#متطوع_للخير), a charitable project collecting clothes for poverty stricken families in Jordan. The initiative was so successful they also managed to host an iftar for orphans during Ramadan and also aid the wounded people of Gaza, bringing smiles to the poor and needy. If charitable projects weren’t enough, the group also created the hashtag “Tweep to the Top” (#مغرد_الى_القمة), which including interviewing and spreading Jordanian success stories, like those of mountain climber Mustafa Salameh, Ahmad Diab, “the youngest businessman in Jordan”, and producer and comedienne Tima Shomali.

“In short, Jordan Tweeps is one team, one word and one goal to broadcast all that is positive in our country and spread goodness and happiness,” Fahed told BarakaBits. “It is a national project that serves Jordan and its citizens.”

And that’s #PeopleHelpingPeople.

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