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5 Underground Middle Eastern Music Projects You Have to Listen To

The Middle East is blossoming with young, creative talents in a variety of fields. We listed five underground music talents you need to hear!

1) Karim Douaidy

There are so many sounds, of different octaves and pitch that we associate with the Middle East. Karim’s music harmonizes skilled guitar solos, piano and diverse sound amalgamations. It is not something that pops up on the radio station or at a party, no. It is this subtle sound, born from the gradual collision of history, culture, and postmodern globalization.

2) Ibrahim Maalouf

Ibrahim Maalouf, a talented trumpet player, composer and arranger is Lebanese but currently based in Paris. His music consists of jazzy compositions, incredible trumpet solos and a unique rock/soundtrack vibe. We dig!

3) Karim Kneyzer

Karim is a musician who is globally recognized as the man who can play any instrument. A Lebanese composer and sound designer, he is talented with a variety of outlets. Check out this catchy (and mesmerizing!) track by Karim, where he makes incredible beats off of a rammer-drum.

4) Circle of Fire

Circle of Fire is one of Karim’s popular projects, a two-piece band with two members who are flexible with the instruments they play.

5) Empty Yard Experiment

Empty Yard Experiment, also known as EYE, formed into a band in 2006 in Dubai. With diverse inspirations (from Tool to Mogwai), EYE has managed to create jam-worthy music that becomes almost like an experience rather than just sound.


Do you know of any other underground artists or musicians in the MENA region? Let us know in the comments below!

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