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This Fundraising Campaign Aims to Revive the Persian Art of Storytelling

Like a modern action painting. That’s how Iranian-Egyptian artist Sabry Zekry explains the Persian art of storytelling. This month, the artist is leading a crowdfunding campaign to develop workshops in Spain where this dying technique can be recycled and revived.

Sabry Zekry leads the Recycling Factory (PRF), a platform and manifesto that brings rituals and traditions to life, transforming them into theatrical events and collective creations. This time, the aim of the project is to explore eastern narrative-painting and storytelling techniques, in particular, to recover the dying art of Naghali and Pardeh Khani, a large canvas painting which usually accompanies the narration and depicts characters and scenes related to the story.

“By traveling with the Pardeh Khani to new communities, it becomes revitalized, since workshops and live performances recycle the ancient art to serve contemporary communities. This provides a means to express stories that are relevant to a particular place and its people,” he explains in the campaign page. Their project, which will be running in January 2015, is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

For more information: Follow them on Facebook and support the campaign on their Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

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