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From Zero to Hero: Amine Raghib, the Best Tech Blogger in the Middle East

Born in 1986 in Marrakesh, Morocco, Amine Raghib started exploring his passion for technology at a young age, and then decided to start sharing his knowledge. In 2010 he launched his own tech blog “” and since then has become the biggest tech blogger in the MENA region.

Raghib found an untapped niche when he started his blog, at a time when it was hardly possible to find good tech related content in Arabic. Sharing his knowledge in internet security, giving tips on PCs software and hardware, and doing reviews on his Youtube Channel, Raghib wastes no time providing content that is easy to absorb by a wide range of readers. So whether you were a tech- head or a person with a tech related issue that you didn’t know how to fix, Raghib’s blog will have something for you to read.

Raghib studied law in college and taught himself everything he knows about technology, holding certificates in Networking and Operating Systems as well. He is also well connected with the hacker community in Morocco, which has helped to earn him his reputation and boost his audience.

Added to his successful blog, Raghib has his own YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers, averaging more than 2 million views a month. He has won the “YouTube Silver Play Button”, making him the first Moroccan to earn this reward.

For more information: Follow Amine on his official Facebook page and YouTube channel

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