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Who to Follow: An Instagram Showcasing a Different Side of Palestine

Going by the title @Zalameh and with the headline “I see beauty from this dark spot”, this is one Instagram you need to be following. Providing a daily inside look at life in various areas in Palestine, including Jerusalem, West Bank and all the villages in between, this Instagram strips away the impression painted of Palestine and Palestinians by mainstream media and replaces it with something resilient, filled with hope and rich culture.

The Instagram also features videos of personal interviews with Palestinians of all ages. One of our personal favorites features an elderly man named Abu Ne’meh, who is an 83 year old refugee from Iqrit. The short video and clip shares his story as part of the village defense committee to stop the Zionist advance in 1948. @Zalameh writes “It is not everyday that i get to hear directly from a refugee while still living in his original village.” Sharing the real, day-to-day stories and experiences of Palestinians still living within the country, this Instagram provides a heartfelt, touching contrast to the sob stories we see on the news.

Do you know of other Instagram pages that highlight beautiful aspects of the Middle East? Share them with us in the comments below and we will feature them!

For more information: Follow @Zalameh on Instagram.

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