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Two Young Palestinians Revolutionized the Transportable Phone Charger

Most of us who use smart phones, especially iPhones, have grown accustomed to having a short battery life. It’s a hassle and something that can sometimes inhibit productivity. And that’s when two young Palestinian entrepreneurs, Lama Mansour and Ismat Tuffaha, decided to create something aesthetically pleasing that could solve this issue.

The two entrepreneurs came up with a pocket-sized USB charger that can be worn or carried in a pocket and charges the phone battery for up to 3 hours and twice as fast as regular chargers. The startup, called BOLT, has quickly gained international attention and the duo were able to launch their gadget thanks to their 72 hour crowdfunding campaign. Despite challenges brought on by life in Palestine, like lack of prototype facilities and acquiring components to build options, the duo persisted with their dream. They also dream of bolstering the startup scene in Palestine, and encouraging other entrepreneurs to move forward with their ideas.

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For more information: Read more about BOLT on their IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign.

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