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Let’s Talk: Building a Thriving Creative Economy in the Middle East

At Endeavor Jordan’s Catalyzing Conservations, an event that discussed topics ranging from headhunting talents for your company to creating environments that will inspire and empower your employees, we also learned a lot about the importance and power of creative economies. Edgar Bronfman Jr., managing partner at Accretive LLC and former CEO of Warner Music Group, said that: “Creative industries can drive a tremendous amount of GDP… There is lots of tremendous art in the Middle East. If you think about creative communities as something more than just the creation of content, Jordan especially can be a place that catalyzed a thriving creative industry.”

The panel, which also included economist and co-founder of Greek lifestyle brand Zeus+Δione Mareva Grabowski and Endeavor Jordan’s Chairman Ali Al-Husry, had a dynamic discussion that addressed both the challenges and pros of creative industries in developing markets. “How do you identify and leverage talent in the industry? You need to educate the new generation in tackling these new opportunities,” added Mareva. Education seems to be a starting point the panel agreed on, “Art, music, and drama need to be added to school curriculums from an early age so that a love and appreciation for the arts can be fostered,” said Ali. The panel then turned to discussing how the creative industry can be made profitable and not sheerly philanthropic, especially considering the common copyright infringements that occur in the region with such items.

For information: Read more about Endeavor Jordan and follow them on Twitter @EndeavorJo for updates.

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