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Camps Breakerz: Dancing Their Way to Freedom on Tour

Last year, we wrote about the breakdancing group called Camps Breakerz, located in the Nusairat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Now, the group is on a dance tour that kicked off June 19th in Germany that will end on September 15th in Holland. Inspired by the power that dance has to cultivate community unity, growth and hope, the crew has continued to grow and thrive despite all obstacles.

Since their beginning in 2003, the crew has worked especially hard to collectively make sure their entire Camps Breakerz crew were able to unite and travel together. This European tour was a perfect example of their unified goals, and now they are able to showcase the unique talents of their dance group and of the resilience and empowerment that can be found in collective dance.

For more information: Check out more of their dance videos on their YouTube channel, and visit their official website and Facebook page for more information about their tour dates throughout Europe.

For a great read on the cultural history of dance in Palestine: 

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