Amina Annabi Finally Unveils Herself Again

A few months back in April, Tunisian singer Amina Annabi finally released new material. With the release of Unveil, she broke her fifteen year musical silence. But it looks like the record went unnoticed by most.

Annabi rose to fame after she represented her home country France in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1991. Her entry ‘C’est le dernier qui a parlé’ finished second, but nevertheless it launched the singer’s successful international career.

Known as a pioneer in World Music, Annabi’s new EP is once again a melting pot of musical influences. This four track record is a collaboration with British artist, producer and beatboxer MaJiker, who studied contemporary & world music at the Dartington College of Arts. Together, the two musicians perfectly blended the electronic beats and Eastern drums with vocal experimentation.

It might not be to everyone’s taste, but Unveil presents an unusually captivating set of tracks. Perhaps it turned out to be Annabi’s most Western record. But with the singer’s sensual voice and the lines sung in Arabic, the songs, however, still fall in a wider category of World Music. Altogether, it’s great to hear new music from such an unique artist. After all those years, the singer’s roots remain influential. Amina Annabi still brings us a beautiful fusion of styles she was once known for.




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