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Hassan AbdulJawad: A Young Music Composer

Hassan AbdulJawad is a 19-year-old Lebanese gentleman, majoring in Public Administration at the American University of Beirut. At the age of six, Hassan had the habit of using his father’s CDs, playing them, and performing pretending that he’s the musician who’s playing the instruments. “At that moment, seeing him pretending to perform, we realized Hassan’s fascination and passion about music”, Hassan’s parents say.

Hassan started to learn playing the piano when he was 10 years old. Four years later, Hassan started composing his own music. What’s really unique about Hassan is that he composes his own music but does not write the notes down, he only memorizes them. As time passed by, Hassan acquired the notion of composing and distributing his music on instruments other than the piano. “I add each instrument to the main melody as a puzzle. You won’t believe me, but when I compose, I unconsciously hear where the violin part should play, and all the other instruments such as the trumpet, the guitar, the drum etc”, Hassan adds.

Around two years ago, Hassan’s devotion and enthusiasm for music drove him to form a band where he’d be able to express his music through other instruments. As a result, Hassan’s band involves a guitarist: Ali AbdulJawad who is Hassan’s father, a drummer: Bassem AbdulJawad who’s Hassan’s little brother, Jessica Shamseddine and Karim Badih on the keyboard, Mahmoud Ghaddar for the bass, a clarinetist: Rawan Hedek, a violinst: Ayman Fawaz, Adel Zeftawi for percussions, and Salah Habli for the trumpet.

Hassan and The Band have done 4 concerts between Saida (Hassan’s hometown) and Beirut. Their latest concert took place at Saida’s Sea Castle – Saida Waterfront on August 27th. “I intended to make this event happen at this particular place to remind people that Saida is beautiful no matter the unfortunate events that it has witnessed the last couple of days”, says Hassan. We had the pleasure and great opportunity to attend the fantastic event which was organized by Saida’s Municipality and Front Row. Hassan and The Band played 15 mesmerising, energetic, and excitable music pieces of Hassan’s composition where the audience were extremely engaged. Hassan’s preparations and hard work had really paid off as he heard the amazing standing ovation the audience delivered at the end of the concert.

Everyone was so proud of Hassan, relatives, friends, and even strangers where they all showed their great faith and hope in today’s young generation to bring Lebanon in general, and Saida specifically, back to life and celebrations away from wars and sorrows.

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