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L’Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio: the Multi-ethnic Music Band from Rome

What happens when you put eighteen musicians, from ten different countries, who speak 9 languages, in a room, and ask them to get creative?
The product would probably be very similar to L’Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio, the multi-ethnic band from Rome. The 18 members of the band come from Italy, Tunisia, India, Cuba, Hungary, Ecuador, Senegal, Argentina, UK and US, bringing their own cultures together and creating powerful harmony between sounds, instruments and languages. They create well-resaerched fusions of tradition and modernity in their own reinventions of music from all over the world.

With two Tunisians in the band, Houcine Atta (Vocals) and Ziad Trabelsi (Vocals and Oud), Arabic is no stranger to the band, and it’s present as a language, instruments and reinvented classics



More of L’Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio’s work is on Youtube and SoundCloud. And they can be followed on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

We love multi-ethnic creative work! Do you know about other collaborations that you think we should know about? 

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