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TamTam: Compassion Through Music

With the political tension in the Middle East, it’s hard not to get influenced by all the news. TamTam, the Saudi singer and songwriter who previously sang for equality for women, translated her thoughts into beautiful lyrics and melody.

Speaking on behalf of the Syrian people, TamTam challenges dictators to show that no matter how many men they have attacking them, “they will keep running, swimming, and doing whatever they have to do to keep going; to survive.”

The chorus is the Syrian people talking to their neighbouring Arabs and asking them for help and attention:

Speak to me
I tell you I want freedom on my side
Are we?
Gonna help each other fight?

TamTam wrote the song when she was back home in Riyadh, where there was no escaping politics. She started wondering why Arabs were not sticking together. As she best puts it: “I’ve had enough about people identifying themselves as Saudi and not Syrian, or Syrian and not Lebanese; we are all Arab; and it’s about time we stick together.”

TamTam was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She moved to Los Angeles later as a teen. Her music has a personality that is very similar to hers; strong, influential and multi-cultural.

Listen to more of TamTam’s music on YouTubeSoundCloud and iTunes. For more information about her view her website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



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