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Syria..Told Through Rings: When Art and Poetry Celebrate a Legacy

Art is powerful, and so is poetry.
Inspired by Nizar Qabbani’s poetry verses that romanticise the beauty of Syria, Heba Barazi, a molecular biology and genetics scientist, developed her project of wearable arts Syria..Told Through Rings.

Syria.. Told Through Rings utilises Barazi’s artistic talent and love for Syria to offer a new narrative on the Syrian culture. Reminding the world that Syria is a lot more than war, the collection uses poetry to humanise the case through personalised rings. The rings are inspired by verses of poetry, each picked and translated by Barazi herself, and each ring is uniquely made and sculpted carefully by her.

Aspiring to elevate the wearer to a carrier of an intimate message and a deep story that goes beyond the physical dimensions of the rings, the collection is an aesthetic attempt to keep the natural and cultural legacy of Syria. To give back to Syria, much of the proceeds of Syria.. Told Through Rings are donated to Karam Foundation, supporting Syrian artisans.


Heba Barazi

Photo Credit: Heba Barazi-Wearable Art Facebook Page

Currently based in Abu Dhabi, Heba Barazi is inspired by the cross-cultural atmosphere of the United Arab Emirates. Her next project is a reflection of the particularly impressive aesthetics of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which symbolises cultural preservation as well as the diversity of the country.

Stay tuned to events, workshops and exhibitions through Heba Barazi- Wearable Art’s facebook page.




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