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Dina Tokio: Muslim Hijabi Fashion Blogger

Proving to the world that Muslim women can be conservative and still look amazing, Dina Torkia, better known as Dina Tokio, started her very own fashion blog to give the opportunity for all Muslim women to enjoy their Hijab with their own personal style. Half European and half Egyptian, she thinks that it’s perfectly acceptable for fashion and religion to go hand in hand.

Dina has become the voice for many Muslim women and her modest styles add an enthusiastic spark to religious standardized clothing through her fashion line  Dina Torkia. Take a stroll through the site and it becomes evident that Dina not only promotes different Islamic wear but she also promotes make-up  and has recently launched a jewelry line called ‘Rooted’ , which she describes as “A collection representing my roots: A touch of Egypt mixed with a bit of English”.

Dina is likely to be the most active Hijabi blogger in the UK and she makes all her visitors and followers feel like they are a part of her life and she is definitely a joy to watch. On her site she describes herself as:

A twenty something British, UK based Egyptian|English fashion designer & blogger.

Aside from the fashion related side of her blog that she started in 2011, Dina makes videos about any situation that she finds important and she does so through her YouTube channel Dina Tokio along with a second YouTube channel Sid and Dina’, that she runs with her Pakistani husband, Sid. She also makes tutorials or DIY’s on how to dress or make certain articles of clothing. Alongside her normal fashion trends, Dina started a blog calledStyle the Bump‘, which was in fact an impressive way to make pregnant women still feel beautiful, even during pregnancy.

With her husband and newborn baby daughter by her side, Dina is unwittingly becoming an inspiration for many women in the Hijabi world and she can also be considered to be a very successful woman entrepreneur.

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Israa Elkhatib

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