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Car Free Day: An Annual Event in Dubai

It’s not easy imagining a day without cars filling the streets. But it’s a nice vision, isn’t it? Can you imagine your busy streets being devoid of cars for just one day and instead being filled with pedestrians walking or passers-by on bicycles? Well, your imagination doesn’t have to go too far because this has actually been taking place annually for the past six years in Dubai, during their event known as Car Free Day .

For one day, the long stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road is empty of honking cars and carbon emissions. Instead, it is filled with people taking their morning walk or people getting places on bikes. The Dubai Municipality launched this event in 2010 and accordingly organizes this event every year in order to reduce the amount of carbon-dioxide emitted into the air.

18 days from today, specifically on February 21, 2016, the denizens of Dubai will be encouraged to get their bicycles out of their garages and get those wheels turning. Many people opt for the Dubai metro and others take public transportation. This is an effective way to save money and to also save the environment! Last year, 66 companies and organizations participated in this event, which meant roughly 7,000 cars not being used. This year, the municipality expects a larger number of participants in this event.

Who knew exercise could be so beneficial to the environment? Do you think you have what it takes to let go of using your cars for one day, let us know and leave us a smile!


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Israa Elkhatib

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