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UAE: Turning Old Cooking Oil into Refurbished Biodiesel

As the world’s nonrenewable natural resources are running out, Tadweer, the Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi, has found a way to turn old cooking oil into biodiesel fuel for vehicles!

The project started this February in Al-Raha area of Abu Dhabi, where door-to-door initiatives were used to encourage the residents to interact and participate with this campaign. Tadweer is known for involving students in many of their projects and their team has collaborated with Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Masdar Institute), who have created the means to convert the oil into biodiesel.

The students of the local school, Raha International School, were prepped on how to raise awareness within their homes and neighborhoods. The project itself, armed with 20 litre containers on wheels, will visit the area weekly for a whole month, in which residents can pour their used oil into these containers.

This project is an effective way to battle the degradation of our world’s resources, and it is also a great way to get the citizens to interact with each other! People are learning more about how to recycle and reuse products, and they are also learning how to keep their world running cleanly. Moreover, this new invention reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and mono-nitrogen oxide.

This impressive reactor is under study for two patents and this project has already scheduled movement into the neighboring communities and cities. It’s like our mothers knew that the old oil stored in the cupboards would come in handy one day!

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