5 Re-makings of Arabic Cartoon Theme Songs

Nothing cries nostalgia more than old cartoons! When we didn’t have the luxury of re-watching our favorite TV shows at any time, in the 1980s and early 1990s, hearing a cartoon’s theme song was a lot more sacred than it is today. Enjoy these re-makings of Arabic cartoon theme songs, and try your best not to get too emotional!

  • Grendizer If one cartoon could define patriotism to a whole generation, it’d probably be Grendizer. This is a remaking of Grendizer’s theme song by the Jordanian Aziz Maraka, featuring the original voice, Sammy Clark. It was performed as part of BAB (Bands Across Borders) in Jordan.


  • Pokemon Didn’t we all wish we were Pokemon trainers? You can pretend to be one while you enjoy this exciting blend of both Arabic and English in one metallic version of the Pokemon’s theme song. The song is performed by the Egyptian band, Redeemers.


  • Treasure Island (AKA The Legends of Treasure Island) The one line we’ll never forget is “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chestخمسة عشر رجلاً ماتوا من آجل صندوق“. Here we are with a newer version by Sammy Clark’s powerful voice and Aziz Maraka’s expressive performance.


  • Romeo’s Blue Skies

    Known in the Arabic version as the friends’ pledge – عهد الآصدقاء, this anime series was a lesson in friendship, hope, and hard-work. It sure costed a few tears along the way. Enjoy this Oud instrumental version by Ahmed Alshaiba, as you appreciate the great friendships you have in your life.


  • Princess Sarah Known as “Sally” in the Arabic version. This theme song by Suhair Odeh sure takes us back down memory lane. . Here is a new version by the same singer:


What other childhood songs would you like to hear performed differently?

Share your thoughts and leave us a smile! 🙂


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