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Palestinian Photographer Captures Children’s Captivating Eyes in Gaza

They say children’s eyes never lie. The eyes of children can tell stories hidden in the depths of their minds. Fadi A. Thabet, a Palestinian photographer from Gaza, walked down the streets of Gaza and discovered that beautiful innocent children, who have survived the brutality of humanity, can tell deep and sincere stories with their eyes. He decided to capture these stories with his camera. Take a look at what stories he found in their captivating eyes:

In some, there were stories of war and destructions






In others, there are stories of happiness, hope, and imagination





Each one of these children’s eyes holds a story that is waiting to be uncovered. The most important message we can leave with after seeing such expressive photos is that there is beauty within destruction. For more of Fadi’s photo’s, visit his Facebook page.

Tell us what stories you saw in their eyes and don’t forget to leave a smile! 🙂

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Israa Elkhatib

I was born in Palestine but raised with the fireflies in Georgia. My teenage years were spent being the Muslim nerd who was known as the bookworm of the school. That followed me back to Palestine, to develop into being the girl with the big vocabulary. I spent most of my high-school days cursing Newton for not eating that apple. My English Literature Bachelor's degree was only obtained because I'm a nerd for literature and my minor in Translation pretty much pays the bills, thank you Birzeit University.Creative writing is my passion and reading is my escape from reality into a world where everything is the way you imagine it to be.

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