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12 Hollywood Stars Photoshopped into Egyptian Saidi Looks

Whether you live in Los Angeles, home to the US film industry, or in the Sa’id of Egypt, where poverty prevails, we all look at Hollywood stars with fascination. Iconic Hollywood stars have became beauty ideals that everyone wants to live up to. But “beauty is more than looks and icons”, which is exactly what Hany Rady said when he was asked about the reason behind photoshopping Hollywood stars into traditional, peasant Egyptian looks.

Hollywood Stars
Photo Credit: Hany Rady Facebook Profile

Meet Hany Rady, a 46 year-old graphic designer from Egypt! Hany is an amateur graphic designer who has been working in advertising for more than 15 years. After he was approached by Khaled Al-Mokhtar, his friend and the admin of the Facebook page “Tamat Al-Trjama تمت الترجمة “- an ironic Facebook page that shares twisted and funny translations of some Western movie clips, songs and memes- Hany decided to photoshop 12 of the most iconic Hollywood stars into Egyptian peasants.

For the two friends this was an ironic, funny thing to do and they never expected the images to go viral among social media users. But in a few hours the images were shared more than 40,000 times. And people loved the fact that these popular Hollywood stars actually look like Egyptian peasants and that there is no difference between the two. Commenting on this Rady said:

“Egyptian peasants are overlooked for their looks. They are simple people who struggle for life, and media completely ignores their efforts.”  

To add to the sarcasm, AL-Mokhtar even came up with Arabic names for the stars. So Will Smith became Waa’l Al-Abs, Angelina Jolie became Jalila Jalal and Leonardo Dicaprio became Al-Mua’lim Si-Jarbo

With a sense of humor, these Egyptian guys turned Hollywood stars into Egyptian peasants.

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